Thank you, Chuck E. Cheese’s for sponsoring this post to help people learn more about the importance of giving while having fun!

If you are looking for another reason to love Chuck E. Cheese’s, here it goes. Chuck E. Cheese’s just so happens to offer a fundraising program for schools and non-profits! This means you can do something amazing for your community while having fun and enjoying the different options and packages that Chuck E. Cheese’s has to offer.

Wondering why and how to fundraise for your child’s school with Chuck E. Cheese’s?

To start, Chuck E. Cheese’s has given more than $14 million to schools and non-profits through fundraising events.

In the case of schools’ fundraising, for any amount less than $3,000 generated by your participating friends and family members, a 15% of sales donation goes to your school. If you raise $3,000 or more, the percentage increases to 20%

You don’t even need to worry about materials or meals for the volunteer teachers who attend. Chuck E. Cheese’s has it covered for you and will provide materials to promote the event, a 10-free-play points sticker for each child enrolled, a visit from Chuck E. Cheese’s himself at your school on the day of the event, and a free meal for teachers in attendance. Be sure to confirm your store is a participating location and this program is active.

The process to schedule your event is really easy. All you need to do is visit Chuck E. Cheese’s website at this link to pick a date. Once you have it, submit your request at least three weeks in advance, and boom, you are ready to start promoting your event. What comes next is pure fun while raising funds.

Why and how to fundraise for non-profits?

Nothing is more beautiful or meaningful than giving back to our communities, especially supporting those who enhance the lives of our children including children’s charities, youth scouts, and religious youth groups.

The payout structure is the same as with schools: you will get materials to promote the event, 20% donation for all sales generated by your participating friends and family members for amounts over $3,000 and 15% for less than $3,000. This includes all food, merchandise and token deals purchased by your group through the sign-ups on the night of the fundraising event. Donation checks from the company will be generated within 14 business days. Again, check to ensure this option is available at your local store.

How do you do it? Pick a date. Submit a request online or contact a fundraising agent at 1-888-CEC-4FUN to confirm as only one fundraising event is available for booking each weeknight per location.

Chuck E. Cheese’s wants to be sure you have all the tools you need to reach everyone in the community. Therefore, they will provide you with flyers in English and Spanish that you can reproduce and distribute to your organization, graphic templates to create custom materials to promote your event, and online invitations powered by Punchbowl. Basically, your marketing needs are solved with a couple of clicks. Host your event, enjoy, and help your community while helping others!

I am a firm believer that everyone wants to help but sometimes helping is not that easy, unless you find an organization like Chuck E. Cheese’s that makes it easier for you. I hope that after reading this you’ve realized fundraising doesn’t need to be a demanding or scary process. And I hope you will consider adding to your 2018 vision board something like helping a school or a non-profit because nothing gives us more than giving to others.

What do you think about it?