Thank you, Sears, for sponsoring this Back to School post! Emir and Ayelen loved the whole experience of shopping and finding their back to school style for their first day of school.


My mom used to tell me that school is a place to learn not to model. Despite her comments, she would always make the week before the start of school amazing and full of surprises. She truly believed that looking good was an important part of feeling confident and excited about a new school year. I remember looking together for supplies, new uniforms, and the perfect shoes. Those are really special memories for me. Memories come flooding back with the smell of a new backpack, open to be filled with all your new supplies, or the feeling of a new pair of shoes when you walk into your classroom feeling as though you have the shiniest and coolest shoes ever.

Now that I am the mom of two, I have to agree with my own mother. School is first a place to learn, but every child should have the opportunity to attend school feeling happy, confident, and loved through a back to school ritual that will help them achieve these feelings. Every child, regardless of age or ability, wants to walk into school wearing a cool pair of shoes, dressed in a nice outfit, and holding their favorite backpack with the hope of having an amazing year. That individual back to school style doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive, and that’s why we want to share with you our back to school style experience with Sears!

So you know, Sears provides shopping convenience – letting members shop wherever, whenever and however they choose, with a seamless connection between the in-store, mobile and online shopping experience. For this trip, we decided to visit our local store in Fort Myers, FL.

We were surprised to find out that the first two weeks of August, shoppers get an extra 20% off when they spend $50 or more. This is through August 12 so you can gear up on all the back to school necessities to make this year amazing. Emir and Ayelen’s favorite backpacks were 50% off. This is the happy face when you find your dream backpack!


New shoes can help your kids put their best foot forward, and that is easy to achieve when all kids’ shoes are on sale at Sears starting at $9.99.


My kids don’t wear uniforms, so mix and match pieces for endless outfit opportunities is a must for me. A nice raincoat for this rainy season completes the outfit to give us the best possible, practical, and comfortable style for happy mornings and comfy days.

And just like that, we got everything that we need to have a wonderful back to school style. Everyone is happy, excited, and literally, we can’t wait for school to be back!


Take a look at the Back to School Catalog, here!

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