Thanks Chuck E. Cheese’s for sponsoring this beautiful day for Emir and his friends!

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And suddenly, that defenseless baby who came from me is turning 13 years old and becoming a teenager. He’s still the sweetest and most loving child in the world, but he really is a “big boy” now. He enjoys his independence, his personal space and he demands his right to choose.

For all those reasons, I recently learned that Chuck E. Cheese’s is a safe place for kids of all ages. It’s affordable, fun, and gives everyone the opportunity to choose and interact with their favorite games at their own pace. It happens to be a great teenager birthday party option that allows us moms to still keep an eye on them while they feel free and excited to try the many game machines available.

We invited a couple of Emir’s favorite friends to come and celebrate with us. Of course, everyone showed up ready to have a blast. As convenient as Chucky E. Cheese’s is for birthday party celebrations, it also offers a variety of options to choose from. We chose a birthday party package that provided every child a certain number of tokens, included delicious pizza, and on top of that, surprised the birthday party child with a delicious cake specially brought to him by Chuck E. Cheese’s himself!

Everyone gathered around the chocolate cake, which is Emir’s favorite flavor, to sing Happy birthday and Feliz Cumpleaños! Emir wasted no time with the knife, cutting his cake to give everyone a yummy piece. Chuck E. sang, danced, and had pictures with the kids. Everyone said “cheese” to show their excitement!

The kids collected hundreds of tickets while we, the parents, had fun talking, sharing, and having some salad from the salad bar. As a parent, it feels good to know children are safe and that’s another plus for Chuck E. Cheese’s because no child can leave the premises without going through the monitored front door that clearly says, “Everyone comes together, and everyone leaves together.” I love that!!

Emir had a blast. It was a big day for him, but I imagine, for him it’s just another birthday. For me, it means much more than that. As my child is growing up and becoming a young man, I want him to experience life to its fullest and to have typical opportunities to enjoy the best of friendship in the most typical environment. I have no doubt his teenage years will be filled with new types of trials and triumphs alike.

Chuck E. Cheese’s is without a doubt one of the most inclusive places for children of all ages and all abilities. It’s a judgment-free and stress-free place where at the end, everyone wins! Literally, everyone walked out with a fun prize after redeeming their tickets, having had a great time!

Something you should know!  Chuck E. Cheese’s® and Center for Autism and Related Disorders™ (CARD) provide children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other special needs the opportunity to experience the fun of visiting Chuck E. Cheese’s in a sensory-friendly environment. Sensory Sensitive Sundays will take place on the first Sunday of every month beginning Sunday, April 2, followed by May 7, June 4, July 2, etc. A list of the 355 locations participating in the program can be found by visiting

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