We’re partnering with TYLENOL to share all of the different ways people family during the holiday season. It’s been a pleasure to be a TYLENOL® ambassador in 2016, and thanks to this opportunity, for nearly a year we have celebrated our unique ways to love and be, as we grow up as a bilingual and bicultural family in the United States.


As the single mother of two children with Down syndrome, who is also an immigrant whose first language is Spanish, my personal path of cultural integration has included learning to celebrate our differences as well as our similarities. I’ve learned that we all have unique talents and abilities which, when well received, can teach us great lessons of strength and determination in ways we didn’t even know existed.


Aside from our race, skin color, language, beliefs and/or special circumstances, we are all special, unique and irreplaceable. Family is love, support and faith, but when it happens that family is not close due to geographic circumstances, as it is in our case, then we have friends. Dear friends become our adoptive family. Our chosen families are people who fulfill the role by celebrating, empowering and believing in us.


The beauty of adoptive families is that we get to choose them. We fall in love with them because they welcome us with arms wide open. They ease the way for us and they love and accept us just the way we are. They make us feel at home no matter where we are or where we decide to spend time together.


This was the case for our Christmas Party Celebration, where we partnered with TYLENOL® to celebrate all families during the holidays. It brought all of us together to celebrate the unique ways in which we are a family as Caucasians, as Latinos, as multiracial individuals, as parents of children with and without special needs.


Together, we are building inclusion and diversity in our community. We celebrate each other, we acknowledge our individual abilities and we believe in our unique capability to make the world a better place for all, just by being ourselves!


Happy holidays to you all. Share the memories that matter most to you and your family with #HowWeFamily.

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