This is a sponsored post courtesy of @Tylenol and their #HowWeFamily campaign to celebrate dad; however, all opinions are mine and have not been edited by a third party.


We each only get one father, but there are lots of different kinds of dads. There are married dads, divorced dads, separated dads and even though we don’t always recognize or celebrate them, there are dads who are moms as well. However, and no matter the circumstances or personal differences between a couple, there is something that we should always keep in mind, dad’s role can’t be replaced.

As Latino families, we have strong tendencies in relationships to adhere to the responsibilities that our parents instilled in us. The majority of us have grown up in conservative families who have etched a strong line between gender responsibilities, which limits our roles as individuals. However, I think that over the years we have overcome those limitations to understand that a loving dad has no limits. As is the result of love, he learns to adjust and may become capable of doing everything just as well as, and sometimes better than, a mom. Love is not gender related.


When as parents, we overcome our gender prejudices and we learn to work as a team, we are ready to put aside pride to take full advantage of our individual value regardless of gender or circumstance. Good parents are present for their children in happy times, and are there for them in tough ones too. Dads especially.

It’s time to celebrate every loving dad: the married ones, the divorced, the separated, the dads who act as moms, as well as the moms who, due to unexpected circumstances or challenges, have learned to fulfill both roles out of love for their children.

Who is dad and why is he irreplaceable?

  • Dad is the human being that we perceived as being the biggest of them all, from the place of our childhood smallness.
  • Dad is seen as the strongest man in the world, the one we feel is capable of protecting us from everything and everyone.
  • Dad is a powerful super hero who can hold us in his arms with little effort, and at the same time, is sensitive enough to teach us that there is no stronger power than sweetness and honest love.
  • Dad is the most prideful and defensive individual when it comes to his children. He is who teaches us with love how to respect ourselves and to expect the same from others.
  • Dad is half of everything good parents should be, and that’s why he simply can’t be replaced.


For Father’s Day, let’s celebrate Dad while we celebrate diversity as an important family value. Let’s keep in mind that there are no perfect dads, but unique and irreplaceable ones. Let’s remind our own dads how important they are to us, and the invaluable role that they play in our lives.

This is #HowWeFamily while we celebrate dad!

What do you think about it?