My dear son,

These words of love have been written to let you know that the last twelve years with you, have been the most amazing time of my life. Literally, I was born again the day you were brought into this world. Our lives are one together:

  • Together we’ve learned to walk, because by holding your hand, I’ve found my way.
  • Together we’ve learned to talk, because inspired by your determination to say your first words and phrases, I’ve learned to put love in my own words.
  • Together we have overcome challenges that I would’ve never been able to conquer without you. Just by looking in your eyes, I can find the strength that I need to face it all.
  • We’ve grown together, and we continue to grow. While you grow on the outside and you become taller and stronger, I keep growing in the inside, touched by your love, your joy and your passion for this life.

I don’t know what you think about it, but I would not change a single day of our lives together.

  • Tough times have taught us to live to the fullest, and to understand that every day is just an amazing opportunity to write our own stories.
  • The unexpected has taught us to believe in miracles, and it has prepared us to face it all with love and strength, with passion and faith.
  • The small things have shown us how easy it is to find happiness, when happiness is alive in our hearts. We’ve learned together that happiness is not a circumstance, but a personal choice and a part of our souls.

And sometimes, because this love I have for you is so big, I would like to make your life easier. I would like to spare you the effort and the tears that you haven’t cried yet. But because I love you so much, I understand that I have no right to deprive you of your own experiences and your own mistakes on your journey. I can’t take away from you the natural opportunity to face your own challenges and grow from them.

Today, as you are turning twelve years old, I ask God to always keep happiness alive in your heart. I want you to always think of your strengths when all that you feel is weakness. I want you to always remember that to me, you are the most amazing and valuable human being in the world. You’ve honored my existence since the moment that I felt you growing inside my womb and you keep making me a better person by growing alongside my heart.

I love you with all my heart, Emir. Happy birthday, my love.


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