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At first glance, many people would think I’m the one in charge in this relationship. If you look at her without knowing and make assumptions based on the common myths that surround her condition, her age, or even her gender; you may get a really mistaken impression of who she really is and what our lives are really like.

And because nothing comes without a fight, and if it does, it’s probably not worthy anyway; she deserves the best things of the world. I’ve learned much more from her than she has learned from me. With this, I do not intend to sugarcoat things and pretend that everything has been easy or perfect but the love and devotion that we feel for each other has made it worth it. Oh gosh, I love her so much!

Assigned to me by the heavens as a human child, she’s definitely my spiritual leader. I admire her ability to make a crown out of nothing and her determination to turn any piece of fabric into a cape. She knows she’ll get in trouble for those not-so-great choices, but in the best of ways, she just doesn’t care. She feels the urge to wear her comforters as royal capes, and she knows how to defend her mission, so you know what? It’s ok. Thank God for the laundry machines, right moms? Another stain on her blanket will not limit her dreams. Anyway, the one in charge of laundry is her father so it’s not really my concern anyway!

Her last royal appearance, followed by her canine servants, reminded me of the importance of being bold sometimes. The importance of taking what you have and putting those gifts to positive use in order to get what you want. But the most important, she reminded me how indispensable it is to believe in yourself in order to create your own kingdom, your own reality based on your own abilities. This is not the moral of a child’s game, this is life.

 Guilty of idealizing simple things? Yes, I am, and I love being this way. I can’t imagine living my life any other manner. I love these short but meaningful moments that happen almost every day, and I ‘m sure my life would not be as happy as it is without them.

Again, do we fault me for my positivism, or should we all work to make the best of it all instead?

Check out your box of treasures and dress up as the person you really want to be. That’s the first step to success in her eyes and mine. Make yourself proud!

(In this picture Ayelen wears a pair of headphones as a crown, and her black and white comforter as a royal cape. The dogs were happy to pose as her canine servants for the picture.)

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