Since I came to United States about 11 years ago, there have been countless times I’ve been identified as “Mexican”. Because I’m actually Bolivian and not Mexican, I feel the urge to explain that I have a different nationality, and even to provide demographic information so people increase their knowledge about this beautiful world that belongs to us all.

Many people apologize to me intensely, as if being called Mexican could be an insult, if you are not in fact, Mexican. But please, don’t apologize for calling me Mexican. It is no insult to me and, in fact, whether Mexican or Bolivian, we belong to a bigger community called Latinos, and we should all be proud to say it loud, because “we, Latinos” represent the biggest minority of this country. What’s more, at every presidential race, we get closer and closer to the historic moment when we are able to appoint the first Latino President of United States.

Then, dear Mr. Donald Trump, I just hope your next move doesn’t imply an apology to those of us who are not Mexican, but feel heartily offended by your racist and ignorant declarations about our people.

Mexican-Americans, Bolivian-Americans, and all the other Latino-Americans of this country hold the same constitutional right to vote that you yourself hold. Our votes are no less worthy or less counted than the rest of the American Citizens who, by the way, in their vast majority, have a hyphened American Nationality Identification as well.

We do not all watch Univision, so please don’t think that closing the door that connects your property to theirs, you are in any way closing the door that we’ve opened with hard work, decency and honest love for this country, that belongs to me as much as it does you. Because, yes, I became an American Citizen about a year ago, and let me tell you, it was one of the best days of my life. I, like you, am proud to be an American.

Good luck with your candidacy in this Presidential race, Mr. Trump. You are going to need it after losing approximately 11% of nationwide voters. That’s the number we “Latinos” (Mexicans and otherwise) represent in this country, and counting!


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