Being alive should be our everyday most important reason to feel grateful. Teaching our children ways to demonstrate gratitude by example is the best lesson. Compassion and gratitude go together, for that reason, you can’t be grateful without being compassionate. The art of giving is the purest manifestation of gratitude.

Because of that, this morning we set a lemonade stand to join Alex’s Lemonade Foundation effort to help fight childhood cancer. Inspired by Alex’s life, who passed away of cancer on 2004 after collecting more than a million dollars for research purposes, thousand of kids and their families have joined this initiative by setting lemonade stands along the country to follow her lead.

The real value to us was not the amount collected, but the priceless opportunity to teach our kids the magic of giving from our unique gifts and limitations as human beings.

You can still get a cup of gratitude by donating at this link. Every dollar counts, as at the end this is a movement that celebrates team work. We all together can make a positive difference for children with cancer.



What do you think about it?