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8 months ago I was invited to participate at the Barbie Project, an exciting experience for both, my daughter and I. After receiving a dream box full of Barbie items, the experiment started and continued for the following months.’

As mothers, playing with our daughters is a fun and touching thing to do, it feels great to discover your little girl’s ideas, and it’s even more inspiring to see her ability to transform everything that she touches with her imagination, even if it is the personality of one of the most polarized toys of all times. Barbie can be judged and criticized by some or be the most beloved and idealized of toys for others.

Every little person of this age has the amazing ability to transform. As parents we tend to underestimate this individual gift, forgetting that their play is the reflection of the things we teach them every day, the reflection of the love they receive from us in a daily basis.

After visiting Barbie’s factory, I realized how much passion and dedication goes behind every doll and every piece of clothing and accessory made, so I’m sure the party dress Barbie is wearing as we play outside wasn’t designed to be used on the swing, but Barbie hasn’t complained this or any other time and instead has spent endless hours on the swing with my daughter. Barbie has the most amazing and beautiful shoes any woman can dream of, but many times my daughter decides to let her walk barefoot and just have fun. Barbie is the reflection of my daughter’s personality and interests.

Barbie’s hair doesn’t always look perfect and neither does my daughter’s, but no matter how tangled their hair looks, they always say nice things to each other. That’s the real beauty of Barbie, she becomes the mirror that my daughter uses to express herself. And all that she says and all that she does is what she has inside of her heart.

Watching my daughter play is the best gift ever, this typical and common behavior in a kid might seem like nothing out of this world, but at the same time, it is the most magical demonstration of their ability to create, imagine and pretend. These past 8 months of documented play have been incredible, and I am happy and grateful to Barbie for coming to our home.

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  1. I love the way you write and involve us in the experiences with your family. You are one dedicated mother who has your children’s best in the forefront of your mind at all times, your children are blessed to have an amazing mom like you. God bless you and your family

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