I’m sure you’ve heard this before: “In Magic Kingdom, fairytale dreams may come true.” There we were along with my daughter and son when he saw a big alligator at the other side of the street. He was excited and ready to run close to him, while at my other hand was my daughter, totally scared and crying for not getting closer. Wishing to be able to divide myself into two pieces to make everyone happy, I had the best idea ever.

She would sit on the ground on the opposite side of the street, while he would enjoy a chat with the alligator at the other side. I would be right in the middle of the street at just the right distance between them in order to be able to run to the rescue if needed.

There I was with my neck rotating to both sides constantly when I noticed that a little guy had approached my daughter. After offering her a toy that she rejected, he kept talking to her while holding her hand.

I walked toward them to understand what was happening between the two of them. To my surprise, I heard the sweetest conversation ever between the two of them. By this time, his family was also listening to their exchange, and also seemed surprised by his behavior and all the attention he was giving to Ayelén.

Him: Please hold my hand. I like you. You are very special.

(The word special made me think he knew she had Down syndrome, then I realized he didn’t mean to say, “special needs” He really meant to say, “outstanding.”)

Her: NO!

Him: What do you want to be happy? Do you want to marry me?

And he handed his toy to her as the most meaningful proof of love.

(WHAT!? Are you proposing to marry my daughter? Boy, you don’t know what you are doing!)

Her: Ask mommy.

I was surprised and excited. My heart was literally melting underneath my shirt and by the looks on his family’s faces, I knew they were feeling the same.

His mom asked him: Do you like her?

He said: “Yes, she’s beautiful,” But so much for getting married…  

I felt my heart beating hard and my eyes were full of tears. Maybe this was the most romantic guy I have ever met in my life. Maybe he does this all the time with every girl he meets, but it truly made Ayelén feel special in such an amazing way.

Her eyes were smiling and even though she did not accept his proposal, (Thank God she didn’t throw a tantrum for not being allowed to get married!) I can tell she felt like the prettiest girl in the world, the only conquest for this boy.

I’m not prepared yet for this kind of serious proposal directed toward her! On the other hand, he was younger than she. He was merely 4, and even his mom swore that this was the first time he had done something like this; although I know we (moms) are sometimes little liars.


Driving back home, while she was sleeping in her car seat and my son was playing with the iPad, I looked at her through the rearview mirror to find myself tearing up again. I love her just the way she is. I’m proud of her for not accepting the proposal without asking me first, and all that I can say is that if at any time in the future she complains because boys don’t like her, I’m going to remind her of this precious moment when, using a toy as an engagement ring, a little guy proposed marriage to her on the side of the street at the Magic Kingdom.

I don’t know how her future will be if she’s going to find love, or if I will be helping her to get dressed on the day of her wedding, all that I ask God is for life and health for being always there for her.


What do you think about it?