There’s really nothing special about this girl, other than she’s my girl. She’s my daughter, and through my eyes she’s simply amazing.

  • She’s the one that I received in my arms sobbing a mix of joy and sadness more than 7 years ago.
  • She’s the less than 18 inches long baby that seemed too fragile and tiny for this world.
  • She’s the one who took years to learn how to say her first words and phrases, and is still learning to talk.
  • Sometimes I still cry when I hold her, but sadness is gone, these tears are only the product of joy.
  • She’s my daughter.
  • She’s the one who was born with a weak heart that has turned into the strength that makes mine flutter.
  • She’s the light, the heavens and the sun that shines
  • She’s the one that the psychologist said would never look like me, as the physical features of the syndrome had beaten her deeply.
  • She’s the one that many times has been judged by the shape of her eyes.
  • And the one strong enough to show everyone all that she is able to do.
  • She’s my every day reminder that we are what we decide to be.
  • That steps don’t need to be giant when we decide to leap.
  • That self-esteem is the reflection of love.
  • And love is the basis of acceptance. Only love.
  • That in this wide and incredible world, there’s no human being more like me than she.
  • She’s my perfect daughter with Down syndrome.

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