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Yesterday, Emir started misbehaving since the moment he opened his eyes, and he kept going when I dropped him off at school. As any other human being, kids have bad days too. However, Emir is pretty conscious about consequences, so he already knew that when he got back home, he was not going to be allowed to use his favorite toys. When he breaks the rules, he can still play with Ayelén, read for her or follow her lead. That’s my smart way to punish their bad behavior with both, they lose their right to control the fun, but instead, they follow the other’s lead. This consequence reinforces their ability to share, listen and bond with each other.

No, I’m not a super smart mom, it’s instead that this is a pretty convenient way to show the consequences while keeping them busy. Grounding a child can sometimes be the worst punishment for parents than for the child.

So after their bath, and when I was ready to comb Ayelen’s hair, Ayelén asked Emir to do it for her, while she combed Barbie’s hair simultaneously. Considering that Emir is a big boy now, I thought he would refuse, but he agreed instead. I guess life was so boring at the time that he had no other choice than accepting such a tedious activity.

What seemed to be a ridiculous and complicated task destined to a dramatic ending full of complaints and tears, turned into a very exciting experience for both. (The three of them including Barbie, and then four including Rabbit). Emir was combing Ayelén’s hair when he realized that her hair might look like a spider web where superheroes climb and get to the top of the universe. Ayelén kept combing Barbie’s hair with no additional comments.

The fun kept going while Ayelén and Barbie were getting ready for bed. Emir was so excited that he even asked to take a picture of them. He did a great job.

For the closing note, Rabbit (our doggie) joined the party with her typical crazy and disorderly behavior. They laughed uncontrollably.

Emir always complaints about Ayelén being boring, but it wasn’t the case this time. It was so fun, that I asked him if he would behave better next day, and he said, “No, I had so much fun today”

Ha! Smartypants. I know he still enjoys playing with his little sister, and even though he’s growing up and doesn’t want to accept how fun she is, he can’t avoid being her most wonderful hero!

What’s your personal story being surprised by your children’s creativity? 

13 Comments on “Creativity! My Sister’s Hair Is A Spider Web And I Love It”

  1. que bello… Kids are so creative that we can do a daily blog about it.. I have two daughter, so they really get creative with their barbies: cutting their hair, make up and all imaginable things, lol

  2. they are so big already! and they keep being the cute alert and amazing children I have come to know via your blog.
    How adorable to see his tenderness and brotherly love.
    you are a blessed mom indeed

  3. What a blessing when they get along- especially when it was your idea for them to play together! Good call mujer!

  4. Ay, Eliana, me ha encantado el post! “I guess life was so boring at the time that he had no other choice than accepting such a tedious activity.” Me ha encantado esta frase, pero me ha encantado, sobre todo, cómo te las ingenias para enseñarles las consecuencias de sus actos y cómo deben responsabilizarse.

    Las fotos son muy bonitas. Se ve que se quieren un montón.

  5. Me encantó el relato esta cotidianidad de los hermanos, es algo invalorable, que las mamás tenemos la dicha de presenciar. Gracias por compartir la experiencia.

  6. La imaginacion de los niños es infinita! Me gusta tu método de castigo, porque así también aprovechan el tiempo juntos.

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