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Thanks Barbie for sponsoring this post that talks about play and dreams.

A couple of months ago I received a call from Barbie to join the Barbie Project. It was a dream to learn that she already knew Ayelen and wanted to invite her to be part of this project, representing our community of girls around the world.

There are special memories that connect us to our childhood, and to our growth,  for me one of them is Barbie. I grew up playing with Barbie, and I treasure those play times in my heart, as my first Barbie was a very special gift of my mom on my 6th birthday. When I became a mom, my daughter Ayelén continued with the tradition and asked for her Barbie when she was only 4.

Ayelén lives with an extra chromosome. She’s beautiful just the way she is, and when she plays with Barbie, she learns to accept individual uniqueness and to live a life free of prejudice against others and herself. Our lives have taught us that we are all unique, different and perfect in our own characteristics, that’s the main reason I would never deprive her of the magical experience of accepting real diversity,  otherwise, I would be a hypocrite.

In her typical games and adventures along with Barbie, Ayelén has learned that even Barbie and her, don’t have many physical characteristics in common, Barbie is her friend, and you love your friends just the way they are. In her heart, Barbie loves her in the exact same way.

Ayelén spends special time with Barbie every day. She invites her to devour pancakes and drink strawberry juice. Barbie is never on a diet, she neither dictates her what to think, nor what to believe. Ayelén doesn’t follow Barbie’s lead, but she gives life to Barbie instead, by putting words in her mouth, dressing her up, combing her hair, or when she makes her walk or dance.

Many women like me have grown with Barbie, dreaming once upon a time of having a life full of success, and a giant closet with a million pair of shoes. Also looking for the perfect boyfriend, who would make us happy with expensive gifts, jewelry, and flowers.

And when we grow up and we mature, to face the real challenges of life doesn’t make us hate the magic, but to appreciate more than ever those unrepeatable moments of dream and play, and of course, want them for our daughters as well.

To me, Barbie is not and has never been the unachievable image of a woman, she was instead my first opportunity to believe in the power of my own voice. My Barbies were all advocates. They were feminine and elegant, not because of the clothes that came in the package, but because of my own choice. Barbie accompanied me to grow up and become all that I’m today, and I can see the same thing when I see my daughter playing with her.

 Join the conversation with #BarbieProject and tell us what’s your personal story with Barbie. 

Eliana Tardio



43 Comments on “When My Daughter Plays with Barbie. Ayelén is part of the Barbie Project.”

  1. Your daughter is just so imaginative, which so special in the children today. so many children live in front of the TV and lose the power of imagination. I am sure mom also loves spending time with Ayelen and Barbie 🙂

  2. Yo crecí con Barbie y me encantaba! Tenía muchas y me lo pasaba jugando con ellas. Qué lindo que tu hija sea parte de esta campaña, una experiencia para no olvidar!

  3. Tengo muy buenos recuerdos de mi niñez con las barbies. Son especiales. Incluso tengo una vestida de puertorriqueña guarda en mi closet.

  4. I used to love to play Barbies when I was a young girl. Now, my daughter loves them, too. I wish they would have more special needs Barbies.

  5. What a beautiful way to see Barbie, the affects she has on us and the power she gives to our children. To see past the “obvious” is a true gift and I’m so glad you and Ayelen have it. BB2U

  6. Un post precioso, Eliana. Me alegro de que Ayelén, igual que mis hijas, pueda jugar con Barbie, igual que hacías tú e igual que hacía yo.

  7. Me encantó tu experiencia y opinión sobre las Barbies, me ha dado una perspectiva diferente, muy positiva y constructiva. Felicidades para Ayelen!! Hermosas las fotos!

  8. Hermosa historia, hermosa experiencia, hermosas palabras. Crecí con Barbie y creo firmemente en su poder constructivo. Tus palabras basadas en una experiencia real y bella son aire fresco para los que siempre recordamos a Barbie con cariño, especialmente en medio de tanta crítica poco constructiva que responsabiliza a esta muñeca de problemas que se gestan en otros niveles. Gracias!

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