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Give the best of yourself is the only recipe for success. On the material plane , apparently we do not always win when we give the best of ourselves. Many times things do not go as we planned , and sometimes it’s frustrating to see our dreams or ideals not to move at the pace we want , but in the spiritual realm , there is no way to feel a loser if you are always giving your best .

The recipe for success is simple: Always give the best of yourself! and not give up, do not look back , do not measure your value in relation to the remuneration or the opinion of others , but in response to your personal satisfaction. It takes time for people to listen to you, and only those who are ready will hear you. Your passion , your dedication and determination , are the tools that will ensure that your voice gets away , and eventually your dreams will materialize into a wonderful reality, that even being wonderful will never be perfect , and never will be complete. Dreamers are fed by dreams , and when a dream is fulfilled , a new and bigger dream is born.

The world belongs to those who have faith in themselves, and are able to find in every challenge an opportunity for transformation , adjustment . A wake-up call ! Success implies lot of work, but when we are doing what we love; passion is what makes it all possible , and is what keeps us connected , activated and ready to invest all our faith in what we believe .

An essential ingredient in the recipe to success is : Determine your own success.

Until you are clear of where you’re going , you’ll be walking in circles. If you let others people’s success to influence the seek of yours , you’ll never get anywhere.

Believe in yourself and in your personal success . Without looking at the sides , walk slowly, or, walk fast if you want .. but no doubt that sooner or later you will get there , and is your own path the one that will provide you with all the weapons to continue, although at times you’ll fall , although sometimes you may hesitate , or you may need to take a rest.
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