One of the most wonderful gifts you can give to a child is a dog. But this little doggie wasn’t my daughter’s gift; it was actually a gift for my son when he turned 5 years old. Unexpectedly, Emir’s gift became strongly bonded to his sister. He doesn’t really care as he’s a good boy who shares everything with his little sissy, and between Ayelen and Mochy (doggie), there’s a great connection that’s impossible not to see.


Mochy is a girl, so maybe that’s the reason she so enjoys spending time with Ayelen while they play dolls and tea time. They fight a lot too, while Ayelen pulls the doll with her hands, Mochy does the same with her teeth. As with any other couple of girlfriends, after tears and sobbing, they go back to playing together, forgiving to each other without resentments.


Every morning when heading to school, Ayelen says “Bye” to Mochy, and reminds her that she’ll be back after lunch, and to not be sad. She gives her a kiss and leaves.

Ayelen is not fully verbal yet, but of course Mochy understands her with no problem.


Dogs are part of our families, our stories and our lives. Let’s don’t forget that adopting a dog is a big commitment that is definitely worth it.


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